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Manufacturer: Pharmacom LabsSubstance: MesterolonePackage: 10 mg / pill, 100 tablets

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PROVIRONOS (Mesterolone) 10 mg / pill, 100 tabletsĀ – Oral Steroids from Pharmacom Labs.

Provironos by Pharmacom Labs is a hormonal drug of sports pharmacology designed to increase the concentration of free testosterone in the blood system. The main active substance is toperolone, which has moderate antiestrogenic activity. Release form – oral, dosage – 10 mg of active substance in one tablet.

Provironos PharmaCom Labs is used by bodybuilders on PCT. The main positive property of the preparation is its minimal hepatotoxicity.

Provironos Pharmacom Labs effects

  • Improved structural properties of muscle mass, higher density and relief of muscle;
  • Stimulation of erythropoiesis (increasing the number of red blood cells) for the best saturation of muscle fibers with oxygen;
  • moderate anti-estrogenic influence;
  • Increasing potency and libido on course;
  • High level of free testosterone by binding GSPG.

In case of non-compliance with the rules of administration of the drug and recommended dosages, side reactions are observed. These include increasing the frequency and duration of erection, developing benign and malignant neoplasms in hepatic tissue (very rarely).

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