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The company is originally from Moldova, specializing in the production of professional sports nutrition. The first laboratory appeared about 10 years ago. The company produces more than 40 types of different steroids. Employees focus more attention on their product.

In 2014, the company changed the packaging of its products which were marked with special anti-fake protective signs.


  • Tried phenyl this firms and methane, too, tried very decent drugs. A friend already tried the deck says that there really is a soundboard and is very good quality.

Solomon Cunningham, Denver

  • Used it solo on drying to maintain meat. The dosage was 30 mg a day. I can say that was working as it should be … slightly increased strength and overall endurance, but the main thing is of course the vascularity. Veins stood out clearly all over his body, especially his arms and shoulders.

Charles Benson, Washington