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Manufacturer: Pharmacom LabsSubstance: Trenbolone EnanthatePackage: 200 mg/ml 10 Ampules

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PHARMA TREN E 200 (Trenbolone Enanthate) 200 mg/ml 10 AmpulesĀ – Injectable Steroids from Pharmacom Labs.

PharmaTren E from Pharmacom Labs is a steroid of moderate anabolic and strong androgen property. The main active substance – trenbolone enantate, is produced as an injection liquid in ampoules of 1 ml volume.

PharmaTren E Pharmacom Labs is used to increase the strength, as well as the effective growth of muscle mass of the athlete. The features of the product that increase its value are low aromatization capacity and a long period of activity (up to 10 days). The latter property makes the steroid convenient to use because it reduces the frequency of injections.

Effects FarmaTren E FarmaCom Labs

  • Increase of high-quality muscle mass to 10 kg in a two-month solo course;
  • Steady increase in strength indicators;
  • Minimizing cortisol concentration (anticatabolic effect) on a par with increasing insulin-like growth factor concentration;
  • Improving libido and potency;
  • Elimination of fat deposits under skin.

The drug is contraindicated to administration to women due to the high risk of maskulinization development (increased hairs on the body, voice cutting). For men, PharmTren E may be undesirable due to a number of side effects: sleep disorders, hypertension, acne, increased aggression, increased salinity of skin and hair.

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