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Manufacturer: Pharmacom LabsSubstance: TriiodothyroninePackage: 50 mcg/pill 100 tablets

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TIROS (Triiodothyronine) 50 mcg/pill 100 tabletsĀ – Oral Steroids from Pharmacom Labs.

Tiros from Pharmacom Labs is a triiodthyronine-based fat-burning drug whose effect is based on the replenishment of thyroid hormones. Release form – tablets with a dose of 0.5 mg in each dose.

Tyros PharmaCom Labs has a high degree of absorption and biological activity, which provides an optimal result in the first days after the beginning of the course. The main active substance of the preparation is represented by a structural analogue of triiodthyronine of synthetic nature. Due to this lyotyronin has a powerful therapeutic effect on the body of the athlete with the most pronounced pharmacological effect.

Effects of Tiros Pharmacom Labs

  • Filling the thyroid hormone deficiency by normalizing its work;
  • Accelerating metabolism of fats, carbohydrates for better functioning of all organs;
  • emergence of anabolic effect;
  • Elimination of fat layers, which is most effective when the corresponding diet is observed;
  • Prevention of heart, nervous system, liver diseases;
  • Lowering and strengthening the body.

When the drug is overdosed with an active substance, symptoms of hyperthyroidism are observed: heart rate, arrhythmia, sweating, increased anxiety, irritability, aggression, sharp weight loss, allergic spills.

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