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Manufacturer: Pharmacom LabsSubstance: Testosterone MixPackage: 250 mg/ml 10 Ampules

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PHARMA SUST 250 (Testosterone Mix) 250 mg/ml 10 AmpulesĀ – Injectable Steroids from Pharmacom Labs.

PharmaSust from Pharmacom Labs is a steroid of powerful anabolic and androgen exposure, which is based on a unique mixture of testerons. It is produced as a liquid for injections, volume of one ampoule – 1 ml, dosage – 250.

The testosterone mixture constituting the backbone of the steroid formula of the product includes testosterone esters – decanoate, phenylpropionate, isocproate, propionate. Due to their gradual activation, a prolonged effect is achieved when entering the blood system. The need for frequent injections is leveled, which leads to a minimal risk of local side reactions.

The oily base of FarmSust FarmCom Labs guarantees low solubility in water, thus the steroid can be in fat cells without risk of decay until the end of the cycle of action.

Effects PharmaSust Pharmacom Labs

  • Rapid growth of muscle volume due to activation of protein synthesis;
  • Preventing disintegration of muscle fibers by exhibiting an anticatabolic effect;
  • Improvement of endurance and motivation of the athlete as a result of increase of concentration of erythrocytic blood mass;
  • Improvement of healthy appetite for maintenance of organism in conditions of high consumption of energy reserves;
  • Stabilization of nitrogen and phosphorus exchange;
  • Increased frequency of erection and increased sex drive.

Side reactions from steroid administration appear as pripyasm, oligospermia, abnormalities, gynecomastia, and a number of other negative effects.

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