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Manufacturer: Pharmacom LabsSubstance: CabergolinePackage: 0.5 mg/pill 100 tablets

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CABEROS (Cabergoline) 0.5 mg/pill 100 tabletsĀ – Oral Steroids from Pharmacom Labs.

To date, the administration of anabolic steroids is not rare. Both professional athletes and fans prefer to help their own body in fight for a beautiful body. Unfortunately, any sports pharmacology products can cause side effects to varying degrees. Popular steroids based on trenbolones, peptides and nandrolones often cause an increase in prolactin levels. Caberos from the world-famous manufacturer Pharmacom is an inhibitor of prolactin secretion with long-term exposure.

Properties and effects

The active component of Caberos is cabergoline, an ergoline derivative that has a long-term prolactinosonic effect. The components directly bind to the stimulation of leactotropic pituitary cells, allowing mild effects on hormone production. This agent has a quick effect – three hours after administration the hormone level decreases several times and remains so throughout the week.

Initially, the substance was used for pharmacological purposes to treat thyroid diseases, but after long studies, a positive effect was found on the course of anabolic steroids.

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